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Pretty is my problem: What you wear, starts with your hair.

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Lascivious glances. A brush in passing. But most important; show who’s boss. For several years they were in close vicinity without one word being exchanged. Until Mr. Pimp found courage to seduce Mrs. Pimp… to make her forever his. Already on the first date there seemed to be immense chemistry. In addition; Mr. and Mrs. Pimp Both liked to travel, were interested in fashion and of course; modernisation. Places like vibrant Miami, pristine Naples, sophisticated Capri and above all liberated Amsterdam, are the inspiration for the lifestyle brand PIMP Amsterdam.

Born in Amsterdam, produced in the USA. Mr. Pimp provides knowledge and ensures quality, Mrs. PIMP, in cooperation with top stylists and designers, delivers innovation and inspiration. A trendy and high quality hair care product is the ‘love baby’.

What you wear starts with your hair

Pimp Amsterdam gives you a chance to create your preferred style every day. Whether it is Spic & Span for daily care, or Beauty & Brains during an exciting night out. Pimp yourself with PIMP Amsterdam.


Miami: hip, fast, design.
Napels: authentic, fresh, original.
Ibiza: party, natural, modern.
Capri: sophisticated, jet-set (rich), unique .
Amsterdam: freedom, happiness, new.  (bliss, innovative)